The Health and Safety Executive states that employers have a duty to protect you in the work place and ensure you are given a safe environment in which to perform your job, regardless of whether you work in an office, warehouse or other public building. However, accidents a work place accident can happen to anyone, no matter how much care is taken by you or your employer.

In some cases, particularly where your employer has failed in their duty of care, you may be entitled to seek work accident compensation for any pain, suffering or loss of earnings brought about as a result of the accident.

Some common types of accidents at work which may lead to a compensation claim include:

  • Trips, slips or falls
  • Lifting or moving objects injuries
  • Accidents involving unsafe equipment, eg collapsing scaffolding, faulty machinery
  • Injuries caused by falling objects

Many work accident claims can have an effect on your ability to do your job in the short term and, where serious injuries are involved, find work in future. In cases such as these, you have a right to investigate what compensation is available to you.

Remember, your employer is insured against such incidents, so pursuing a work injury claim will not affect your position within the company.

By speaking to the expert legal professionals at Antony Hodari you can decide what action to take, as well as benefit from our support at what can be a stressful time. We have experienced work accident lawyers who are dedicated to dealing with accidents at work related accident claims, so you will be in safe hands.

Even if you feel you were partly responsible for the incident, or you are worried about taking action because one of your colleagues or friends was at fault, it is still worth taking advice. In the majority of cases, it will be your employer who is liable for accidents at work and if it can be proved that they have failed to provide a safe working environment, you may be entitled to compensation.

Whether you’ve tripped, been hit by a falling object or have been involved in another type of incident, contacting the experts at Antony Hodari can give you access to the help and support you need to get things back on track.

Making a work accident claim

  • Simply provide us with basic details of your work accident.
  • We will immediately give you an honest assessment of your case and advise.
  • If you have a case to pursue we will send one of our representatives to go through our documentation.
  • Your work accident claim is dealt with on a no win, no fee basis.
  • We will help you get the compensation you deserve.

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